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Fibrosol is now available in Canada

ADVAGEN, a Singapore based company founded in 2006 which develops and markets healthcare supplements and pharmaceuticals, is pleased to announce its dietary fiber product, Fibrosol, is now available on Amazon.

“We are pleased to list Fibrosol and offer it to our users in Canada.” said Kelvin, Business Development Manager of ADVAGEN. “We are providing a way for people to ingest the needed amount of fiber in their diets and not have to change their lifestyle.”

Fibrosol is a plant-based fiber derived from corn starch and it dissolves in any food or beverage instantly without affecting its taste or texture. It is soluble and is unaffected by human digestive enzymes. It therefore reaches the large intestine and helps in excretions. Regular consumption of Fibrosol helps maintain healthy bowel movements and a healthy digestive system.

1 in 4 people in Canada experiences symptoms of constipation, according to a study done.

Not consuming an adequate amount of fiber can lead to several health complications including poor digestive health, cardiovascular disease, weight gain and poor blood sugar control.

Digestive health issues include constipation, diverticular disease and haemorrhoids.

Fiber plays an important role in cleaning out the colon and even reduces the risk of colon cancer.

Unlike other fiber supplements, Fibrosol does not form into a gel and users experience less bloating. It is widely prescribed by medical specialists including gastroenterologists and colorectal surgeons.

“Fibrosol offers you an easy-to-use solution when it comes to meeting your daily fiber needs,” said Kelvin. “It’s a unique and effective product that we are excited to be distributing in Canada.”

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