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ADVAGEN is founded in 2006 with the aim of providing safe, effective and affordable healthcare solutions that improve the health of our users, patients and support healthcare professionals in discharging their responsibilities. It comprises a team of dedicated and motivated professionals driven by the passion to provide these solutions for the benefit of all people. This commitment helps us add value to the lives of our users, patients and healthcare professionals alike.

Over the years, we have brought healthcare solutions that focus on pertinent health issues and are highly effective disease containment, prevention and health recovery. Our product portfolio consists of both health supplements and pharmaceuticals.

For pharmaceuticals, the main therapeutic area we focus on is oncology and haematology.

And for health supplements, the focus is on gastrointestinal and immunity.

The development and commercialisation of innovative healthcare solutions requires considerable time, effort and resources. Healthcare solutions successfully brought to market is often the result of strong partnerships. Thus we value partnering with passionate and committed organisations to offer and deliver new, effective and affordable healthcare solutions to patients, users and healthcare professionals.


The Asian Parent Awards 2023

We are honoured to be recognised as the leading brand at theAsianparent Awards 2023! As a form of appreciation to the brands that have improved the lives of many parents, theAsianparent Awards 2023 recognises high-quality baby, parenting and family products. We would like to thank our users, patients, doctors and other healthcare professionals who showed […]

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Launch of Frutolyn gummy series

ADVAGEN is pleased to announce the launch of our Frutolyn gummy series. From melatonin to multivitamin, we have something in store for everyone in your family, from children (2 years old and above) to the elderly. Our Frutolyn gummies are vegetarian*, free from gelatin, gluten, and allergens*, and contain no artificial flavoring or coloring. *Disclaimer: […]

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Zoledronic Acid ADVAGEN approved in Singapore

ADVAGEN, a Singapore based company founded in 2006 which develops and markets healthcare supplements and pharmaceuticals, is pleased to announce its chemotherapeutic product, Zoledronic Acid ADVAGEN, is now approved in Singapore. “We are very pleased to announce the approval of Zoledronic Acid ADVAGEN in Singapore. As always, we strive to continue expanding our range of therapeutic products to […]

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