Colstramax 450mg capsule 120s - Pure bovine colostrum (Halal)

Colstramax is made from the highest quality bovine colostrum.

Bovine colostrum is used as a natural health enhancer and has been shown to have more immune factors than human colostrum, and is biologically transferable to humans. It’s also estimated that colostrum triggers about 50 processes in new-borns making it a great health supplement even for adults.

As we age, our bodies begin to produce less of the immune and growth factors that help us heal damaged tissue and prevent disease. Scientific studies have shown bovine colostrum to help with immune factors (protecting the body from disease) and growth factors (repairing and reversing any damage caused by disease).

Qualities of ADVAGEN colostrum:
Collected fresh and immediately frozen to preserve product integrity
Pooled from cows that have a unique mixture of free pasture and balanced dietary intake
USDA approved low heat process with regards to nitrate emissions testing
Certified free from artificial hormones, pesticides and antibiotics

1. What is colostrum?
- Colostrum is the first lacteal secretions produced by a mammal prior to and just after giving birth. Colostrum is full of rich nutrients and immune factors that set babies on the path to health.

2. Why is “first-milking” colostrum so important?
- Colostrum taken from first-milking is colostrum that has been taken within the first day after the mother cow has given birth. First milking colostrum is critical because the number one factor for the quality of your colostrum is bioactivity – how much of the vital nutrients are complete. After 24 hours, the nutrient levels of colostrum drop considerably, as the secretion becomes closer to the composition of milk. In order to obtain the highest quality of nutrients, you need to collect the colostrum within a very careful time frame.

3. What is IgG?
- IgG is one of the five main classes of immunoglobulins (Ig) or antibodies that participate in immune function. It is an antibacterial, antitoxic, and antiviral protein, and is the only class of antibodies to transfer through the placenta. High concentrations of IgG are present in quality colostrum, like Colstramax, which is concentrated through the removal of fat, casein, and lactose to contain a minimum of 30% IgG by total dry weight. It is important to note that IgG is just one of many valuable immune factors supplied in supplemental colostrum.

Active Ingredient
Bovine colostrum

450mg capsule in bottle of 120s

Expiry Date

Product from USA

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Customer Reviews

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Shopee Singapore

Glad to be able to buy it online! Long time user since 2010. find it helps with my immunity and general well being. Feel less tired

Shopee Singapore

Good product. Been taking since recommended by doctor 5 years ago. anti aging properties improve skin

Shopee Malaysia

Good product, given by specialist doctor several years when overseas. Finally available here.
The only brand that I trust and always deliver on time!