ADVA$ Reward Program

How do I earn ADVA$?

You can start earning ADVA$ as soon as an account has been created. You will be rewarded with ADVA$1 with every SGD1 spent. You may check the amount of ADVA$ earned from the rewards panel.

How do I redeem my ADVA$?

To redeem ADVA$ for discount codes, log into your account on our website and click on the rewards panel. Next, click on All rewards. Over here, you will see the redeem button for the reward that is available for redemption depending on your ADVA$ balance. Once redeemed, a discount code will be generated. The code will also be stored in your rewards panel under Your Rewardssection at the bottom if you decide to keep for subsequent purchases.

Can I accumulate ADVA$ for a bigger reward?

Yes, ADVA$ can be stacked in multiples for a higher discount. The minimum redemption is ADVA$60 for a SGD3 discount. You may also redeem ADVA$120 for SGD6 or ADVA$180 for SGD9 depending on your ADVA$ balance.

I used the wrong discount code I redeemed with my ADVA$.

Discount codes that were used during the purchase is final and cannot be changed to another code after the purchase has been made.