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Fibrosol launched in Hong Kong

ADVAGEN, a company which develops and markets healthcare supplements and pharmaceuticals, is pleased to announce it launched its dietary fiber supplement Fibrosol in Hong Kong today.

Fibrosol, a daily corn-based soluble dietary fiber supplement for optimum digestive health, is introduced to leading medical practitioners at leading private medical centres, clinics and hospitals. Its unique features, benefits and effectiveness appeal very much to both doctors and patients alike.

Fibrosol is 100% natural soluble fiber and it dissolves in any food or beverage instantly without affecting taste or texture. It is unaffected by human digestive enzymes and therefore reaches the large intestine helping in excretions.

“We are happy to make Fibrosolavailable to doctors and patients in Hong Kong.” said Koh of ADVAGEN. “This will provide the doctors and patients with a safe, effective and affordable treatment option that aids relief of constipation, bowel regularity and healthy digestive system naturally with ease.”

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