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What is constipation?

The Bristol stool form scale developed by Dr. Ken Heaton at the University of Bristol defines and classifies stool in 7 types. The criterion for defining the stool type is the amount of time it spends in the colon. Type 1 spends the maximum time and Type 7 the least. Type 1 stool is lumpy and is hard to pass requiring a lot of straining in the process. Type 7 is the loose or liquid stool and can be too easy to pass. The need to pass this stool is urgent and it can result in accidents.  Type 4, like a snake or a sausage, is considered to be ideal. When stool close to Type 1 is formed, it is usually called constipation.

Under normal circumstances, the muscles in the intestine contract as they are stimulated by large stool. This helps in passing the motion.  When stool is large it can be easily released. In the case of constipation water is increasingly absorbed from the stool which results in dry, hard and compact stool.  Therefore, the muscles in the intestine do not get enough stimulus to contract and release the stool.

Constipation can occur due to many reasons such as lifestyle, stress, lack of sleep/rest, side effect of certain medicines or hormonal changes. Increased dietary fiber is the best long term remedy for constipation. Fiber is unaffected by digestion process and can reach the rectum thereby acting as a scrub brush that pushes food along the colon smoothly and avoid constipation. The soluble part in fiber absorbs water making it available for the stool to easily pass.

How can Fibrosol™ help?

Fibrosol™ is 100% natural fiber and it dissolves in any food or beverage instantly without affecting taste or texture. It is soluble fiber and is unaffected by human digestive enzymes. It therefore reaches the large intestine and helps in excretions. Regular consumption of Fibrosol™ helps maintain healthy bowel movements.