About Us


ADVAGEN is a Singapore based company founded in 2006 and comprises a team of motivated professionals driven by the passion to provide safe, effective and affordable healthcare solutions for the benefit of all people. This commitment helps us add value to the lives of consumers, patients and healthcare professionals alike.


Over the years, we have brought healthcare solutions that focus on pertinent health issues and are highly effective in  disease containment, prevention and health recovery situations.


The medical fraternity recognises ADVAGEN for its scientific research based high quality products. Our products are recommended and used by leading medical practitioners in hospitals and medical centres in the region. We are expanding access to our products to the rest of the world.


ADVAGEN strives to continuously provide safe, effective and affordable healthcare solutions to patients and consumers  from degenerative diseases such as diabetes, heart conditions, high blood pressure and cholesterol, neurological disorders and cancer. We are working to introduce and provide more healthcare solutions to prevent the onslaught of these diseases.